Christmas Decorations

A very easy way to get into the holiday spirit is to decorate. No matter how much space you have you can decorate. Christmas decorations can be big or all over or you can just add touches of holiday decor around to get you more in the spirit of things. Trees, lights, wreaths, and stockings are just the basics. Here are some ideas for what you can use to decorate with:

Christmas Decor

Velvet Stockings - Felt Owl Stocking - Anthropologie Loomed and Looped Stocking - Anthropologie Loomed and Looped Stocking - Glitter Owl Ornament - Glittered Sphere Ornament - Mini Fir Tree Set - Winter Solstice Globe Ornament - Winter Flower Wreath - Mini Christmas Tree - Pure and Tinsel Garland


  1. Oh I am in a such Christmasy mood now.

  2. Christmas mood is the best!! I just found adorable gift tags, I shared them on my blog! I love your Christmas pictures, especially the stockings :)


  3. I love Christmas decor! Pretty finds!

  4. I pretty much did my decorating a few days ago. It took almost all day including cleaning and a stop at the store for last minute touches. I just love decorating for the holidays - the putting away, well that's another story!

  5. I never usually get into the Christmas spirit till Christmas Eve but this post has made me want to get the tree up and the presents wrapped! Excellent post and gorgeous images.


  6. I love decorating this time of year. I have all my stuff up and keep putting more up

  7. I love seeing all of this, for some reason I'm really in the christmas mood this year--you posted so many adorable things!

    xo Mary Jo

  8. That reminds me, tomorrow I have some decorating to do! Thanks for the inspiration girls : )


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