Christmas Wishlist


Owl Done Up Necklace - Owl Sweater - Mew Special Pet Bowl - Owl Key Caps - Owl Together Again Mud Set - Black Bow Glitter Flat - Cream Sequin Collar Blouse - Gold Sequin Clutch - Black Embellished Sequin Skirt - Vintage Cakes - The Devious Book for Cats - Dare to be Square Quilting - Collected Quotations Journal

I am really in the Christmas spirit! I have finished all of my Christmas shopping already and I am ready to start wrapping presents. I love finding presents for my friends and family that I know they will love. I also love for them to not know what I am getting them. Surprises are wonderful. I always love a few surprises at Christmas time! How do you feel about Christmas surprises?
This year I am really looking forward to some new clothes, perfume, and books. I also love long necklaces and pretty much anything to do with cute animals like owls and cats. If you were to write a letter to Santa this year, what would you ask for?


  1. I'm almost done with my shopping, too, and am definitely in the holiday spirit! I would ask Santa for good health for myself and my loved ones.

  2. I adore the owl jumper and would have never guessed it's by Yumi! Love it xxx

    Tia xx

  3. I love Christmas surprise! Your Christamas ideas are fantastic!
    Shopping Girls

  4. Aw I love everything OWL! And the present for your cat is really cute too
    Daniella x


  5. Loving your wish list, and hope you receive everything on it. So cute you included your cat, I would too. Adore the owl print sweater and sparkly clutch. Great book choices!

  6. I'll take that sparkly clutch!

  7. You rock. I just put my Christmas decoration today. I still have shopping to do. I'm taking my mom out to do her shopping next week.

  8. what an awesome wishlist! i want sparkly stuff as well! :)

    <3, Mimi

  9. such a cute idea~ Also, I love the wish list too! I want sparkly things as well hehe


  10. love love LOVE the things that sparkle! xO!

  11. Lovely wish list! May they all come true!

  12. Great list! I also love giving well-thought-out gifts to friends and family! I'm not finished shopping but I've started wrapping lol. Gotta get the tree up now! I want Santa to bring me a new job!


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