Gift Guide: for Co-Workers

Gift Guide: for Co-Workers When shopping for Christmas, sometimes you can have a lot of people on your list to shop for. You have your family, friends, significant other, and then you can't forget your co-workers. Sometimes your co-workers are also close friends, but sometimes you have a professional relationship only. When shopping for these types of co-workers you want a gift that is nice, usable, but not too personal. Anything that can be used at the office is always a nice touch. Desk supplies in fun colors and sleek shapes are perfect. A notebook, planner, or calendar to record important dates, meetings, and deadlines could be a great gift. Another nice gift for co-workers are sweet treats that they can enjoy over of the holidays or a coffee mug for work. Here are some examples:
Gift Guide for Co-Workers

Brocade Pencil Cup - Network Pencil Cup - Fox Pencil Cup - Moustache Paper Clips - Bike Paper Clips - Girl Tape Dispenser - Hot Red Stapler - Dots 8GB USB Flash Drive - Camera Pencil Sharpener - Macys Pecan Caramel Clusters - Godiva Box of Chocolates - Paris Wall Calendar - Tommy Hilfiger Coffee Mug - Thermal Coffee Mug - Hard Back Notebook - Planner
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  1. Love the Mad Men photo.

  2. This is very helpful for my office Secret Santa next week, thank you!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  3. i was just wondering what i should get the co-workers! last year i got each of them a mini christmas tree and decorated it...something for their desk.

    thanks for the ideas!

  4. I have never had to trade gifts with a colleague. These are def great idea and you are right, keep it practical and less personal.

  5. Those chocolates are so nicely wrapped! Thanks for the tips =)


  6. I wantthe Tommy Hilfiger mug!!! xoxo


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