Gift Guide: for the Last Minute Shopper

Gift Guide: for the Last Minute Shopper Today is December 17th. Only 8 more days until Christmas. At this point stores are going to be crowded and lines are going to be long because of last minute shoppers. So, today I thought I would help out last minute shoppers with a gift guide full of perfect gifts for anyone. Encase you did not know, today is the last day that you can order online from most stores and still receive your gifts in time for Christmas.
When waiting until the last minute to shop, you don't have a lot of time to think about what to buy and whether or not it would be a gift that the receiver would like. You also do not have time to question yourself and you can't risk passing up a great gift in hopes of finding something better. I'm here to help you out. Clothes are difficult to choose, because unless you are very close to the person you probably don't know what size to get and nothing is worse than getting some beautiful clothes that are too small. Jewelry is great for all women, teens, and girls. The only thing to watch for here is earrings, not everyone has their ears pierced and rings need to be the right size. This makes necklaces and bracelets a great choice. You know the people you are shopping for so choose one that would fit their style or personality. A lot of people also have something that needs a case be it a cell phone, laptop, or iPad and they would love a beautiful new case. For men accessories are easy and up their style. Hats, satchels, and wallets are perfect. Know a hobby that someone is really into like building things or cooking? Then buy them a kit or some supplies.
Last Minute Shopper

Alphabet Cluster Necklace - Ornate Stud Earrings - Tom Binns Crystal Necklace - ModCloth Deer Dish - JCrew iPhone Case - Copper Measuring Cups - Vanilla Bean Lip Scrub - JCrew iPad Case - Marc Jacobs iPhone Case - Little Paper Airplanes - Make Your Own Robots - Girls Glitter School Folder - Lambswool Snowflake Hat - Men's Satchel Briefcase - Leather Billfold - Boys Checked Trapper Hat - Boys Cashmere Hat - Girls Red Polka Dot Headband - Girls Glitter Bow Headband
Do you have any shopping left to do before Christmas? Are you a last minute shopper? I did all of my shopping while I was off for Thanksgiving Break. Since then I have only looked for cute stocking stuffers and things for myself. The only thing I have left to do is make some treats for my family and friends.


  1. great guide. I plan on knocking another gift out of the way today before work

  2. Great ideas! Crowds and lines totally stress me out so I try to do everything early! :)

  3. I have lots of last-minute shopping to do- I still have to buy gifts for all of my immediate family and for my roommate!

  4. Great ideas for gifts. I love the alphabet cluster necklaces. Check out my blog for a holiday gift guide as well.

    A Little Dash of Darling

  5. I adore the Iphone cases. They're a great gift for everyone.

  6. Thank you for the inspiration! even if I've done all my Christmas shopping, I love browsing through the gift lists!


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