My Christmas List

During the holiday season I love glitter and sparkly things even more than normal and this is reflected with several of the items on my Christmas Wishlist. My wishlist includes everything from wellies with feminine bows, a glittery timepiece, a gold cluster to adorn my desk, flats that almost make me thing Chanel, elegant gold flatware, and pretty colors for my fingertips. I also love monogram pajamas, statement earrings, sequin trim blazer, and I still have my heart set on owning this piggy bank.
Christmas Wishlist

Glitter Loafers / Statement Necklace / Sparkle Strap Watch / Book of Style Marilyn / Aviator Sunglasses / Diptyque Boxed Candle Set / Kate Spade Gloves / Collar Necklace / Pug Bookends / Link Bracelet / Rain Boots / Cap Toe Ballet Flats / Crystal Lotus Candle Holders / Golden Wishbone / Gold Flatware / Kate Spade Handbag / Pyrite Cluster / Scotch Paisley Martini / Scotch Loch Ness Mystery / Scotch Tartan Swizzle / Scotch Flying Scotsman


  1. Love the glitter loafers and necklace!

  2. Hunters boots! I think they're cool. Glittery stuff are definitely fun =)


  3. I could pretty much print off your wish list and be set! :)

    I have a very similar pair of cap toe flats- which I live in. So cute and versatile.

    Have a great week, lovely!


  4. Hi Tracy,

    What an amazing list. Hope Santa does his part.

  5. So funny I was thinking of my wish list too last night!! Not alot of clothes or accessories in my list yet- but I'm drooling over the Kate Spade bag! I might have to add that haha

  6. Great list! Just to let you know, your blog was on my Christmas card exchange list, and I mailed your card today!

  7. very cool wishlist! thanks for sharing! I'm so excited with christmas!

    Inside and Outside Blog
    P.S. I'm hosting a glasses giveaway on my blog here check it out!

  8. Ooo very....nice list. Wondering what Santa will be bringing you down the chimney....


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