Two Looks for the Week

Soon it will be Christmas, so my two looks this week deal with what to wear on Christmas day. Christmas is always so exciting here. First we spend the night before at Grandma's house exchanging gifts with relatives and then we bake and decorate cookies at home. Christmas morning we always wake up early and open presents and sometimes we enjoy a nap before we get up for real. Then it's a flurry of activity as we all have to shower and get ready for Christmas dinner at Grandma's house. So for us Christmas involves several outfits. First we don't bother to change before opening presents, it's just like it was when we were kids and we are in our pajamas. Then we get dressed up for dinner and then back to comfortable clothes when we make it home.
What to Wear Christmas Morning

Glitter Hair Ties - White Robe - Piazza Flannel Pajamas - Pink Posy Slippers - Anthropologie Gisella Bedding

What to Wear to Christmas Dinner

Ornate Stud Earrings - Caridad Ruffled Dress - Mums the Bird Ring - Time to Bow Ring - Black High-Gloss Bag - Gold Glitter Flats

What does your Christmas day entail? Will you be seeing a lot of relatives or staying at home?


  1. Love that you put together as morning and night outfit! We live in PJ's over the holidays!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  2. Love both of these looks! It's so fun to dress cozy cute Christmas morning and then fancy it up for dinner! That green dress is so pretty.


  3. Great looks! I'll be heading to Christmas dinner at a friend's house in the evening after spending the day relaxing at home.

  4. What a cute green dress!

  5. that emerald green christmas dress is stunning!


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