From Sea to Shining Sea: Beach Vacation

It's only Wednesday and this has been a rough week already. For the pass few weeks I have just been so busy and I still have so many things left on my to do list. It's getting to the point where things are marked URGENT. Deadlines are quickly approaching and even though I am working nonstop it just feels like I am not making any headway. I have online classes to finish for my masters, planning and grading for my teaching job, projects that I need to finish, and a trip to Florida that I still haven't finished planning. All of this has to be finished before I leave for Florida in 10 DAYS!
All of this stress has me really longing for my relaxing beach vacation. I am definitely ready to enjoy some sun and waves while relaxing on the beach. I am ready to get away from it all. This trip will be fun even if I'm not exactly sure what all I am going to do while gone. Part of the fun can come from the surprise, right? Any suggestions? Are you ready to get away from it all too?

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  1. The picture of that enormous wave is one of the coolest pictures! I want to go to the ocean so bad!

  2. There's something about a sunset on the beach that is just so... dreamy. I love it.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  3. Hi doll, so exciting to hear you're going on vacation...I am sure you're going to have a lovely relaxing time. Thank you for your kind compliments on the outfit post, we were thrilled to read it :)

  4. Ah, I'm longing for a vacation too... so bad!

  5. Oh, I'm sorry to hear how overwhelmed you feel! The last weeks / days before a vacation are the worst: there are always so many thing that need to be taken care of! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you! Good luck, dealing with everything :)

    xx Ivana

    Macarons and Pearls

  6. Oh, being overwhelmed like this sucks. At least on vacations, you can have the fun of just making it up as you go along. Good luck with everything!


  7. Whew! Breathe Jessica! Breathe! Don't think about it all. Make a plan to do something everyday to get everything done. Take it day by day! Good luck! HaHa

  8. You'll get it all done, dear. And, even if you don't, you're going to Florida so it doesn't matter. ;-)

  9. Oh I cant wait till I take a nice vacation! That bikini is gorgeous.


  10. I'm lucky enough to have the beach very close !

    Elegantesque Blog

  11. When you get there: Go get some sleep and RELAX! :D
    You are already stressed from getting your other deadlines finished, no need to stress about your vacation too.

  12. I haven't been on vacation for two years now, and I am definitely "feeling it"... I really should buckle down and plan one. At least you have something to look forward to, besides the deadline and stress...there will be a reprieve soon..and a drink with an umbrella :)

  13. Whee! Congrats! I'm headed to Hawaii in two weeks myself!

  14. i hear you! march and april have been so busy for me; i feel overwhelmed with everything i need to catch up on! i'm slowly making progress, tho!

    i bet florida will be amazing! lucky!

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  15. Hey Love!

    lovely photos
    Lovely post!

    Please follow and visit me :D

    Danica Stark

  16. Take a good deep breath doll, let everything go and relax!! You will get there and all will be just fine!! I know getting behind with things can create havoc, but sometimes we just need to step back!! A trip to the beach sounds great to me, can't wait till it's warmer here to get away to the peace and quiet of the beach!! BIG hugs to you xx

  17. omg so jealous!
    hope ur having a great time

    xx mooshi


  18. oh those pictures totally make me dreaming of being on the beach now;) wonderful!
    hope you are having a great weekend!
    love and kiss,mary

  19. These photos are making me want a vacation now. Summer is not coming fast enough.


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