Being a Copy Cat

One of my favorite tv shows is Once Upon a Time. At first I was iffy on this show, but Tracy really got me into it. We never missed an episode (DVR is amazing). At first I loved trying to figure out what fairy tale character each of these Storybrook residents were supposed to be. I absolutely loved Jamie Chung as Mulan in this series. I think she does and excellent job in this role. After seeing her in Once Upon a Time, I began to notice her more online. I think she has a very chic sense of style. She always seems to be dressed wonderfully.
Below you see one look that she sported this summer that I love. It is chic and semi-casual at the same time. This look is effortless and beautiful. I recreated the look keeping the same feel to the outfit but using other colors. What do you think? Do you love Jamie Chung as Mulan in Once Upon a Time like I do?

Copy Cat floral Pants

Metallic Trim Sunglasses - White Lace Top - Kate Spade Watch - Strappy Sandals - Kate Spade Bag - Floral Pants

Source: Strappy Sandals


  1. I love Once Upon a Time! And Jamie has great style. That white blouse you picked out is so cute!

  2. Gorgeous girl. Love the flower trousers. I was iffy on the show at the start too, but now it's not so bad. xx

  3. I need to watch that. Sounds so interesting. Love those pants and bag.

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