Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day is quickly approaching. We only have approximately a week and a half left to plan this day for our dads. Our Dad is a fix-it kind of guy. He loves to work on old cars and fix things that are broken, which means he also loves tools. All KINDS of tools. So it's not hard to think of a gift for our Dad. We want the day to more special than just giving a gift though, so we are planning a delicious home cooked meal and scrumptious dessert. Not all dads are into tools though so I have gathered a few of my favorite items for Father's Day gifts below. Check it out and let me know your thoughts. Have you already found the perfect gift for your dad?
Fathers Day

1. Warby Parker Sunglasses
2. Shaving Brush
3. Geo F. Trumper Shaving Creams
4. Vintage Oiled Leather Belt
5. Puma Active Fit Watch
6. Burberry Wallet
7. Leather Duffle Bag

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  1. Great picks! Not yet, my dad is so hard to shop for- I still have no idea what to get him!

    star-crossed smile

  2. These would make any dad happy! Love the duffel bag and belt.

  3. These are good picks! I never really know what to get for either of my parents - my mom isn't particularly into stereotypical feminine things, while my dad is, and vice versa on stereotypical masculine things. I think I might at least be able to cover myself by acquiring my dad an iPad case for his belated Father's Day present (belated since I won't be home till afterwards). And I've got my mom covered this year already (for once) with finally replacing her 1980s era makeup bag (and maybe convincing her to replace her 1990s makeup too...maybe...)


  4. Great picks!! My dad would love that leather bag or belt.

  5. Great ideas! In Italy, father's day is the 19th March =) bye!

  6. fine



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