Homemade Salsa

{ Fire Roasted Corn Salsa}

I am a salsa addict. I eat it at least several times a week with baked tortilla chips or instead of dressing on a salad. I love the spicy, hot flavor. Strange fact though, although it seems I can eat tons of salsa if you ask me I will tell you that I do not like tomatoes. Homemade salsa is nutritious and incredibly easy to put together. This post includes four easy salsa recipes that I will be making this Summer. First up is grilled sweet corn salsa.

{ Grilled Peach Salsa}

{ Restaurant Style Salsa}

{ Grilled Sweet Corn Salsa}

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  1. Yum, these look delicious, think I'm going to try to make one today.

  2. Hello love!

    Yes, my laptop had died on me. I'm glad that you enjoyed my post and the pictures love! I appreciate it! And I'm sure that everyone would appreciate the compliment! And yes, Kansas City can be quite beautiful at times! :)

    How are you love? How have you been?
    Delicious post by the way love! :)

    LaTasha B.

  3. so fresh recipe, I love it!!
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  4. homemade salsa is THE BEST! so fresh and yours is so colorful.

  5. Love all the different colors! Very appealing!

  6. Yum! I love salsa, and these all sound delicious!

  7. This looks amazing! I absolutely love corn if it's in salsa & especially with cilantro & onions. I'm heading the the grocery store soon & my stomach is growling!

  8. Mouth watering!!

    Maddy @ www.BeautyBanterBlog.com


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