The Sunday Edition

The Sunday Edition is a new series for us! This series will appear every Sunday. In these posts we will share with you some of our favorite blog posts we have seen throughout the week. We will also share some of our favorite things that we have seen on the web during the week.
I love the celebrity fashion seen at Sparkles and Shoes on Monday.
This colorful photo shoot review at A Very Sweet Blog was so beautiful!
This week Jade and Oak revealed a slightly nerdy thing about herself. I loved it because this is so true about Tracy!
This shopping bag by Navy & Orange has all of the right items for Summer!
I love this mix of prints outfit that Who is that girl Mo? wore this week.
Here are two accessories that I saw this week that I would love to have for Summer: this Baublebar Necklace and these Warby Parker Sunglasses.
It's Sunday time to rest and relax a little before the work week starts again. So grab something yummy and check out all of these links. Let me know what you think.
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  1. so cute

    nice day :)


  2. such a great idea! well done!


  3. omg why are you torturing with that mouthwatering delicious food pictures;)
    lots of love and kisses,mary

  4. The blueberry pancakes look so delicious. :-) This is a cool series. Thanks for the feature! Great picks. I like the Warby Parker sunnies and the celebrity fashion spread. Btw watching that tv show doesn't make you a nerd. I loved it too.


  5. Thanks for featuring navy & orange! My shopping picks was one of my favorite pots of late!

    <a href="http://navyandorange.blogspot.com> xoxo navy & orange</a>

  6. yaya loved seeing myself up there even if for my nerdiness haha :)
    -- jackie - jade and oak

  7. I think you just gave me a person I need to become friends with, because come on, 'Sparkle and Shoes' sounds like a title for my life... I saw some outfits I hadn't seen before in her Cannes post, which is pretty cool! Buffy is hardly the weirdest thing to like (and nerdy is most definitely not a bad thing) but Jackie's post's definitely interesting (and kind of adorable - meeting Sarah Michelle Gellar sounds pretty cool!) Also, that necklace from BaubleBar is absolutely gorgeous!


  8. Thank you for the links to explore on a rainy afternoon. I wish I had some blueberry pancakes not too, haha.

  9. What a great photo!

  10. What a cool new feature! I love this! I have to check out these links and thank you so much for including mine doll. So sweet of you :D Ok, I want blueberry pancakes tomorrow morning! HAHAHA That picture looks so good. Have an amazing week!

  11. pretty blogskins! i love the idea of the combination of colors! :)

  12. I have a feeling based on how much I liked these links that I'm gonna love this new feature!!

  13. Super feature...love it!! These pancakes look awesome, love them :)) xx


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