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I love alone time and find it therapeutic. I consider myself a social person. I love interacting with people, I love going places and traveling, and I love talking but I need my fair share of alone time. Moments of solitude when I can focus on myself. Maybe it is a result of growing up in a large, noisy family but I have always found the moments when I only have myself for company to be sacred. I am going to admit to getting very irritable and cranky when life is increasingly busy and there always seems to be people around that days or even weeks pass before I have the ability to carve out a few moments of private time.

My biggest source of alone time is when I am commuting to and from work. I have a long drive to and from my office. I often think about all of the useful and productive activities I could do with that time if I wasn't stuck in my car but it recently became clear to me that these moments are important for my mental and spiritual well being. I use this time to gather my thoughts, to sort out the activities of my day, to plan important items for my to-do lists, to think about things that have been bothering me, and sometimes even to draft blog posts in my head. Surprisingly it is often during this time, alone in my car, that I can most clearly evaluate my life and obtain fresh perspectives.

On a slightly different note when I am at home and I find a rare day when I have nothing planned and no one to be around it is typically on those days that I love sleeping in, wearing my comfiest clothes (maybe even pajamas) all day, baking an extra special time-consuming dessert, and curling up under blankets with my cat to watch my favorite chick flicks for the possible millionth time. Those are the days when I truly relax.

Do you crave moments of solitude? When do you typically find moments to yourself? Is it something you plan for? What are your favorite things to do when alone?

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  1. I love alone time, I need alone time. I use it to recharge myself. With two wild young daughters who are constantly making noise and all my house work, other work, husband, I am constantly on the go. And those alone times are much needed or I'd go insane. To be able to clear your head and hear your own thoughts is wonderful. The ocean is a great place for me to do that as well :)) Love this picture. Have a wonderful week dolls xx

  2. Yes, very much so! I often need a bit of time to myself...I usually get up a bit early and just chill with a cup of coffee in my hand. It clears my head and relaxes me so much. Btw: that photo is beautiful. Have a great day:) Di.

  3. It's so important to have alone time! My best ideas come from quiet and solitude. I sometimes have to travel from Louisiana to Mississippi for my job. I think a lot during that time. So I can understand how you feel. I don't have sisters or brothers so I have a lot of solitude in my life. It's really nice and it's important to carve out that time in your life.

  4. Commuting is also my time to reflect upon myself. I also really like doing it when I shower. I think it's really important to have some alone time every now and then.

  5. I am very similar to you that despite my social tendencies, I love/crave/need my quiet/alone time. It's a time for me to re-charge/re-boot/re-focus. And I find it's the hardest to carve out time and our lives get increasingly busy.

  6. i enjoy my alone time too, especially if i've been busy. i love wearing pj's all day if i have nothing to do and just relaxing at home. for my commute, i actually listen to podcasts to pass the time. i've thought about getting audiobooks too. helps me from being annoyed by the commute.
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  7. I'm a bit like you I suppose. I love to interact with people, I'm a social person but I also like me alone time.

  8. of course, with kids, i rarely have time to myself. while i hate traffic, i've learned to enjoy the commutes. there's actually a few minutes of quiet time in the car before i realize it's quite and crank up the music...but those are my few minutes of solitude. that's when i'm gathering my thoughts.

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