Funny Cats

Ok, so I may be addicted to Pinterest. I can't help it. I will search for one thing on there and then I am like oh I like this and before I know it I have 15 tabs opened for different Pinterest boards that I want to look at. At some point I just have to say, "Ok, Jessica, you CANNOT open anymore tabs until you are finished with all of these." Does this work? Nope. Finally, I just have to be like, "Ok, this is not working. I am never getting off of here and I am going to be late." Then in an act of desperation I just totally close my internet window knowing that I will probably never find those awesome boards again, but that I cannot wait any longer. Does this happen to anyone else?
Today I started out looking at fashion items that had bows on them and I ended up looking at funny cat pictures. Yup, that's what happened. So enjoy some funny cat pictures today.

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  1. When I first joined Pinterest I was like that. I haven't spent much time on it lately. I try to post and go. LOL There's always something that will capture your eye.

  2. Happens every single day. And I love the cat in glasses, I am just dying with laughter at it.

  3. Haha, I know how those internet pic searches deviate from fashion to decor to exotic islands and of course cats! I love cats! These are too too cute! I appreciate you taking the time to comment over at mine. Happy Friday doll!

  4. These are hilarious! I'm addicted to pinterest too and also cats!

  5. it happens to me too, I love cats they are too funny!
    my favorite cat meme are the invisible cat.

  6. These are too funny. I love the last one, I posted that on my facebook page some time ago, but it never gets old. I go on pinterest and post and the go off. Not addicted to it as I used to be. Although, I do have my moments. I hope you have a great weekend dolls xx

  7. Lol yes that happens to me all the time! Pinterest is so addicting!

    (^ะท^)-☆ Dizzy

  8. lol very funny i really like this thanks for sharing this.
    funny cats

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