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I feel like I am always playing catch up. I don't have enough time in the day (before the need for sleep conquers me) to get everything done that I want to do. I can barely fit in the time to get everything done that I need too, which leaves me no time for the things that I want to do. Sometimes I just feel like time is slipping away too quickly. Does this happen to any of you? What do you do?
Some of you may know that school just started back for me. We have been back to work for two weeks now and already my evenings are filling up with things that I need to do. Mondays after work I go to quilting, I have been going for around a year now to learn and have actually made two quilts now! Tuesdays I have a night class for my Master's degree, that I left for directly after work ends and then I make it home around 10:00 at night. Wednesdays and Thursdays I have already agreed to dedicated a couple of hours after work to tutor a student, who graduated last year, in his college math class. Soon I will also have to find time for tutoring after school for my current students and time for my team to have practices.
Hectic schedules like this are why I have to make sure I schedule little things to look forward to. It doesn't have to be something big just something that I can look forward too. This weekend I knew I was going to take time to use a purifying face mask and to paint my nails. I am planning on purchasing some tickets for a few things that I can look forward too like The Nutcracker. Last December, Tracy and I saw the ballet perform The Nutcracker and we absolutely loved it. We are already looking forward to this! In September I am planning a shopping trip with a few of my best friends. Scheduling time for these activities and others like reading the latest magazines that came in the mail for me, going to the library, grabbing lunch with friends are vital for me to not get stressed out. What kinds of things do you like to schedule that you can look forward too?

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  1. Do what you can doll, if you need a break from blogging, then we'll understand. We all have these moments in life where everything feels piled up and we can't get enough time to get everything done and have fun for ourselves. But, you must make sure you have some time for yourself away from everything, so you can recharge easily!! I hope you have a great week xx

  2. when things get hectic, it's definitely important to schedule in some personal time. i try to take time to read a book for a bit each night before bed. it helps me wind down and sleep better. also simple things like catching up on tv or magazines without looking at my phone are good ways to relax too!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  3. You sound like my friend Tara! She's constantly on the go but if she were not stressed she wouldn't know what to do with herself. She thrives in that! Me personally, right now I feel like I need 3-4 days of straight sleep, Gossip Girl reruns, and Tom and Chee sandwiches to get myself back to the top. You'll be fine once you get back into the groove of school and everything.
    Good luck!

  4. I feel the same way like I am constantly running around with no time to take a breath. This fall will absolutely be crazy for me as well since I am looking for a new job and my weekends will be filled with me taking classes for my web development certificate.

  5. just gotta 'breathe' -- i always remind myself! makes a difference! thanks for sharing love! Heart of Chic


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