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I have always found it extremely interesting how birth order may affect your personality. I recently read this and this which describe how birth order shapes your characteristic traits. Being the oldest of four I think these traits almost describe me perfectly.

There is no denying that I am a bossy person. I want things done a certain way and I believe that if you are going to do a task you do it completely and right. To me there is no settling by saying it is good enough. I feel that everything should be completed the best you can possibly do. I get frustrated when I feel like someone is just skating by. I have always been very competitive and worked hard to be an over-achiever especially in school. Right now I am struggling with feeling like I am failing because I have not settled into a career path that makes me happy and meets my expectations and those of my family.

I feel like I carry a lot of responsibilities which I admit is sometimes overwhelming to me. It is a little hard for me to remember very much from my childhood before I was responsible for helping with my siblings and I often babysat all 3 of my siblings as soon as I was old enough. I not only feel like I have to make sure my siblings are taken care of but it also extends to my parents. If someone expects something of me or wants something I have a hard time allowing myself to disappoint them. Even if I initially say no I nearly always do what was asked of me.

Tell me what is your birth order and do the characteristics that go along with that order describe you?

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  1. I'm the middle child and what they described sounds like me really. I was the loner in the family, I tended to be on my own and do things on my own. My other two sisters were attention seekers and my mom spent most of her time with them, so i just got on with my own stuff. They're still closer to her than I am. They sort of have more of her personality traits than I do since I did things on my own. Being in the middle can stink sometimes, but you just get on with things :)) xx

  2. I'm the second oldest but I am also the oldest girl. My older brother was the golden child BUT since he was a boy he did not have the older child responsibilities. I helped my Mother with the chores, I babysat my 3 younger siblings, and he got to bask in the glow of favoritism. He was bossy but because I preformed the oldest child duties so am I! So I fit the "oldest child/first born bill" because I am the oldest of the girls AND second oldest!

  3. I am the youngest in my family but then again I only had an older brother. He had certain "issues" so parents generally had to give him more attention, which worked out well for me since I was pretty independent and liked to be left alone. I think I most likely fit the only child bill the best since I tended to think of myself as one. My brother and I have never been and still are not very close.

  4. i am the youngest and agree with the following: carefree, sociable, rebellious and creative.

    but, i also came 7 years after my sisters, so in some ways feel like an only child...act older and am a total perfectionist.


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