I honestly love my job as a teacher. It's not just my job as a teacher that I love, I truly love the school that I work at. I believe that the other teachers and administrators really keep the best interest of the students in mind when important decisions need to be made. They are also so friendly and kind. I have found a fantastic group of four women there that I have become very good friends with. We eat lunch together every day and refer to ourselves as "the lunch bunch." When one of us is stressed the others are always willing to help out and offer advice and support. When one of us has good news to share the others always rejoice with us.
We trust and support each other just like any good friends would. Our friendship doesn't end at work. We have all shared work and personal things with each other. We have helped each other through rough times and celebrated the good together.
Even on days when my students are perfect angels and everything has gone perfectly, I still look forward to lunch. It is a break from the day. It is time for me to unwind and have lunch with a group of fabulous women. Do you have a group of friends at work that make your work days better?

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  1. Precious. It's great when we love our jobs :))) Teaching is mega important xx

  2. I'm a teacher too! I just started at a new school, so I'm still trying to get the lay of the land but everyone seems super nice. I'm sure it'll just take me a little time. But I'm hoping that, like my last job, I'll have great friends and friendships that'll be years lasting!

  3. My best friend is a teacher, and I know she feels the same way. It is such a good sign when the teacher not only loves what they do, but WHERE they do it. You seem like you are in a good place, and that is great for the students!

  4. that sounds so great :) its always nice to have a support system and good friends at work :)


  5. I can understand exactly what you are saying here. I think whatever the job, the support of colleagues is so very important and especially when you are in need of some adult company!!

  6. I can understand exactly what you are saying here. I think whatever the job, the support of colleagues is so very important and especially when you are in need of some adult company!!

  7. what a cool photo- and i loved being a teacher for the same reasons you stated! :)



    1. That photo was taken without permission from my website: http://wegolden.com/kale-salad-with-green-papaya-macadamia-nuts-and-miso/ and was shot by bessfriday.com

  8. aww sounds like you have a great group at work! my office is pretty small so i mainly keep to myself but i do look forward to lunches when i meet other friends who work nearby. oh and that gold bowl is gorgeous!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  9. nice post!


  10. It's so awesome to have friends you can rely on to make your day better at work! This is one thing I really miss since I started working from home.

  11. Awww... I think it's wonderful that you work with such wonderful people and that you're blessed to call them friends.

  12. the lunch bunch sounds awesome. it's great to have good people to work with.

  13. i think it's great that you found a group of women you can connect with. i miss that about work. (i help to operate a family business, so half my office is family!)

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