Fall Checklist: 50 Must-Do Fall Things

I know that technically Fall has been here for a little bit now, but I don't really consider Fall to start until October. In October the weather just seems to slowly shift to cooler temperatures, foggy mornings, and more cloudy days. This is truly Fall weather. In Fall there are so many things that you need to do that you miss during the Summer. I have a lot of things on my must-do for Fall list. Check out my list below. Do you see anything that you are also going to do? What's on your list for Fall?

1. Carve a Pumpkin
2. Go on a Hot Air Balloon Ride
3. Retreat to a Cabin in the Mountains
4. Have a Scary Movie Marathon
5. Donate to a Food Bank
6. Shop at a Farmer's Market
7. Enjoy the Harvest Moon
8. Start Christmas Shopping
9. Watch the Birds Fly South
10. Gather Pine Cones and Make a Centerpiece
11. Remember What you are Thankful for
12. Visit a Pumpkin Patch
13. Go Apple Picking
14. Bob for Apples
15. Go Trich-or-Treating or Give Out Candy
16. Navigate a Corn Maze
17. Visit a Haunted House
18. Have a Photo Shoot in a Leaf Pile
19. Go on a Hayride
20. Go Camping
21. Tell Ghost Stories
22. Jump in a Pile of Leaves
23. Attend a Football Game
24. Go Tailgate at a Football Game
25. Fall Festival
26. Host Thanksgiving Dinner
27. Volunteer at a Food Bank or Soup Kitchen
28. Bonfire Time
29. Halloween Costume Party
30. Go Black Friday Shopping
31. Decorate with Mums
32. Make a Fall Themed Mantle
33. Make a Scarecrow
34. Watch Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving or It's a Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown
35. Make a Scarf
36. Play a Murder Mystery Game
37. Find or Make a Halloween Costume for Yourself
38. Go on a Nature Hike
39. Make S'mores
40. Bake an Apple Pie
41. Have some Candy Corn
42. Enjoy Pumpkin Pie
43. Indulge in Carrot Cake
44. Sip Apple Cider
45. Have Apple Cider Doughnuts
46. Make and Eat Caramel Apples
47. Have Roasted Marshmallows
48. Roast and Eat Pumpkin Seeds
49. Enjoy Chili and Homemade Soup
50. Go to Starbucks for Pumpkin Spice Latte

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  1. such a wonderful checklist - sending to my friends right now to add some dates and get it on the calendar :)

  2. The hot air ride sound like fun. I want to go to an apple orchard too

  3. I think I am going to have to print this list out so i can scratch them off as I do it!!

  4. I'm definitely going to the scary movie marathon!

  5. Lovely!!

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    A chic kiss ;)

  6. I always love it when Starbucks does their Pumpkin Spice Latte. Not because I particularly love them but because it officially feels like Fall. :)

    Jules of Canines & Couture

  7. Love this!! I should make a list of things I want to do. Although that didn't go to well for me with my summer list.

  8. This sounds like a great list, I might take some of your ideas. I know what you mean with fall not being fall until October arrives.


  9. You have THE best things on your list! I love fall and would love to do a lot of the things on your list, as well! Warm apple cider and making chili and soup are my favorites! I also want to go to a pumpkin patch this year! xo


  10. I think I do every single one of these things every fall and they never get old! Love it! :)

  11. Great minds think alike. I am so with you girl!

  12. Wow! Super!!!


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