Summer Inspirations

This is a reminder that Summer will soon come to an end. We all need to be wearing our favorite summer looks before it ends and we have to wait for months before we can wear them again. Are you looking forward to Fall or do you want Summer to last just a while longer?

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  1. SUMMER! I had such a hard time dressing for fall this morning (even though there's inspiration everywhere!)

  2. Everything here is so gorgeous. My favourite is the yellow dress. Since it will be summer soon where I live, I really want to get a yellow dress.

  3. I want summer to last forever. I love warm weather and not having to wear a coat or freeze to death walking to work.

  4. I wish summer wont be over. Loved your clothes! :)

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  5. i'm all for summers...but i don't mind our falls since it doesn't get that much colder here!

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