My sister Tiffany is getting married at the end of this month. This past week she finally closed on a house. After she cleaned it earlier this week, she has spent all weekend moving in. I spent part of the weekend helping her cart things to her new house. I think that it is going to be a fantastic home for her and that after a little time she will have it looking so beautiful.
While there, Tiffany gave us the tour and told us what she has planned for each room. This got me to thinking about my dream home and what I would want it to include. I know I have mentioned before how I would want my dream home to include a library. A room with built-in bookshelves that are filled with my favorite reads and books that I want to read. It absolutely has to contain several comfy places to sit and read. I would want a large kitchen with two ovens, so that I would have plenty of room to cook and bake all of the delicious looking recipes that I pinned on pinterest. My home would also need plenty of storage space, so that I could organize everything and not have my rooms looking cluttered. The kitchen needs storage space for lots of ingredients so that I don't have to go to the grocery store every time I have a new recipe to make. What are your must-haves for your dream home?

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  1. So wonderful...congrats to your sister. I love decorating my home. Though, at the moment we hope to move into something bigger in the future, so we're re-decorating for moving, making everything neutral and that kind of thing, lots of work and very strange. But, I'm excited to go somewhere new. I hope the wedding goes well at the end of the month xx

  2. great post
    congrats to your sisi

    Love to follow each-other? Let me know

  3. NIce post!!!!


  4. The pic is so funny!
    All the best for your sister!!


  5. Congratulations to her sister! That is awesome! I once wrote down what I wanted in every room and I think I need to build a home out of Mt. Rushmore! LOL I wanted a theater, spa room, sitting room and walk in closet, etc. etc. LOL

  6. I'm the same way. I want built in cherry would bookcases and first edition harry potter books on the shelves.

  7. My dream home sounds a lot like yours and what big moves for your sister!

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