Pajama Party

Pajama style pants have been popping up a lot lately. While there is something undeniably appealing about spending all day in pajamas I have been on the fence about replicating this look. The girls above look beautiful but I find this look can be hard to pull off without looking too disheveled. One tip I have discovered is pairing pajamas inspired pieces with very structured accessories. You can find two pairs of silk pajama styled pants here and here for under $100.

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  1. Looks nice on them but I'm not going to be able to pull this look off!!

  2. I love them, I have some silk navy trousers like these, mine have hearts all over them :))) I love them x

  3. Luxurious pajamas!

  4. Pretty! But I'd probably look like I've just gotten out of bed if I decided to wear pj looking pieces ;) However, on these photos, all girls look confident wearing their outfits :) xx

  5. This looks good on some, not all. I'm part of the all. ;-) I really like the 3rd and last looks.


  6. I like it when people just use the pants. The top and the pants are overkill, imo. ;)

    Jules of Canines & Couture


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