Stylish for Less: Oxfords

Oxfords are one of my favorite types of shoes. I am always, always, on the lookout for some gorgeous oxfords at a great price. They are perfect for work and for casual looks as well. What type of look would you wear oxfords with? Maybe it's the nerd in me that loves them so much. I think you can never have too many pairs of oxfords. You need some neutrals, bold colors, metallics, and fun prints.

I also mention oxfords today because it is Fall. Oxfords are just one of those types of shoes that make me instantly think Fall and Winter. I also thought they would be a perfect item for a #stylishforless post. There are so many beautiful pairs of oxfords out there and every girl should have one or two for herself. These Louboutin oxfords are breathtaking and so are these Marni oxfords. Man, I would love to own those Marni oxfords. I think they are the most beautiful pair I have ever seen. But for a girl on a budget I need to be more practical and a little kinder to my wallet, hence the stylish for less post. Below are my favorite oxford finds under $50. Which pair is your favorite?

Stylish for Less: Oxfords

Floral Print Oxfords - Black Lace Oxfords - Mix of Neutral Oxfords - Black Cat Oxfords - Paisley Print Oxfords - Rhinestone Toe Oxfords - Studded Oxfords - Gold Metallic Oxfords - Silver Glittery Oxfords

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  1. I love all your picks - the ones with the studded detailing are really cool!

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  2. So love all of these shoes, they are amazing x

  3. Oxfords are great for dress up too! I have quite a few pairs. :-) Nice selection here.


  4. The lace ones are so different and pretty! need them in my life!


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