Bundle Up with Winter Hats

When it comes to winter weather it can get seriously cold. I'm talking if you are outside more than two minutes you feel like you are absolutely frozen. So if you are going to go outside you need to bundle up. Who isn't going to go out to go sledding, have snowball fights, or to make snowmen? One must have item is a winter hat. I, myself, am a huge fan of the crocheted winter hats especially the ones with the pompoms. I find these hats to be fun, warm, and a bit whimsical. I love this and this hat. What's your favorite style of winter hat? Are you like me and love the pompoms or do you prefer the furry hats or the felt hats?

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  1. I love the second and fourth hat, those are perfect! I love hats :))) xx

  2. The trapper hats are cute and warm. :-)


  3. I love the fun one's! They're so cute!

  4. I want the bottom one! I actually adore beanies but I really want a thick, handmade one. So snuggly.

  5. I love beret. I have been wearing them a lot lately.


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