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I place a huge importance on traditions. In my opinion there is a huge value to be placed on rituals. Life is often hectic and stressful. It is comforting to have a few constants in life that build strong family connections, give a sense of security, and create lasting memories. The holidays have always meant family and friends to me and are the source of my favorite traditions.

Speaking of Christmas traditions the one I most look forward to is baking cookies and the more fun part decorating cookies with my family. It is a simple act but Christmas wouldn't be the same without spending Christmas Eve gathered in the kitchen with my family making sugar cookies. Our cookies have to be sugar cookies so we can top them with thick layers of frosting and huge amounts of sprinkles. We don't even like sugar cookies! We love to bake in my family but we are definitely not known for her dessert decorating skills. Each year we are disappointed by how ugly our cookies are so much so that it has become a running joke in our family and it always provides us with a few good laughs. In the end our dad is the only person who ends up choking down a few cookies.

What are your family traditions around the holidays?

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  1. Beautiful. I think it's great to still have traditions and rituals you do in this day and time, many just let them go and forget the special meaning and happiness in them. I love them!! And I try to give my girls some too :))) I hope you have a gorgeous week dolls, so close now to Christmas day xx

    The Dainty Dolls House

  2. Traditions are the best...especially Christmas traditions! Have fun making cookies :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  3. Traditions are always great! Hope your cookies come out great this year!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  4. What a cute story! We have a traditional Christmas, but don't have any traditions. We kind of shake it up each year. We have a tree, christmas dinner and such but that's about it. HaHaha

  5. I love hearing about other people's traditions and I love that you guys make cookies together and tease each other about them. My family also bakes a ton of cookies around the holidays for the neighbors (and for ourselves of course!).

  6. Every year I get new ornament from my brother in law

  7. That sounds like a fun tradition. I think it's important to keep these kinds of family tradtions going. When we decorate the tree, the last decorations are always the ones which hold a special memory.

  8. We always bake bread for Christmas. I'm going to try a baguette this year. I saw a tutorial on youtube! We'll see.


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