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Can you believe that Christmas Eve is tomorrow? Since school started in August time has just flown by. I honestly cannot believe that it is December and a semester has already gone by. While I am in a state of disbelief I am simultaneously excited. Christmas just makes me feel like a little kid again.
Spending time with my family and partaking in our traditions just makes everything seem so perfect. Wrapping presents with Mom behind closed doors so that no one can sneak a peek at what I have gotten them, taunting my siblings with the fact that I have them amazing gifts that they cannot open until Christmas, and whispering with them about gift ideas for Mom and Dad is just so much fun. Some people in my family, who shall remain nameless (Tracy), really can't take the not knowing what is under the tree for them and pester people constantly about what they are getting. It's hilarious. Everyone thinks they know what everyone else is getting and they might but they might not.
I have already been enjoying my break from school. I had a movie night with my siblings and visiting cousin so that we could watch wonderful Christmas movies with all the lights turned off except the Christmas lights. I have gotten to sleep in and wrap some more presents. I spent a day visiting one of my best friends that lives a few hours away. I cannot wait to see what else I can get into before break ends. What have you been up too?

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  1. Time has flown by so fast, I still have a lot to wrap :))) I hope you both enjoy and have fun!! Lots of love to you both xx

  2. It crazy how fast this year went by. Have a great Christmas

  3. I spent this last weekend with my family in Spokane, celebrating our family Christmas. On Christmas day it's just going to be my husband and me and I'm really looking forward to it. :-)

  4. Have a wonderful time and savor every minute because as fast as it came it will be over :-(
    Love from London xx

  5. Wishing you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! May it be filled with joy, love, peace and happiness!

  6. I know I'm late but I'm still playing catch up from surgery. I can't believe Xmas is actually over!


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