Happy Weekend!

After a break from work, the next week just seems so much harder. I am very happy that Friday has finally arrived. I have had late evenings almost everyday this week and today I plan to leave work on time and come home to hopefully relax for a bit before I have to do anything else. Have you found this week hard after having Thanksgiving last week?

This weekend it is looking like bad weather here in Kentucky, which I am definitely not happy about. Tracy and I already have tickets to go see The Nutcracker ballet. Plus I already have plans with my siblings to go watch the new Thor movie and to go shopping for those last few gifts I need for Christmas. I have my fingers crossed that the bad weather will hold off so that my plans are not disrupted this weekend. Do you have plans this weekend?

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  1. Have a nice weekend dear!
    Passa a trovarmi VeryFP

  2. I hope the weather won't get to bad for you. Have a great weekend

  3. Enjoy the ballet! Sounds lovely. Your comment meant a lot to me...Thank you dear.

  4. Yup. We got hit with the white death here today! Covington is on a level 2 snow emergency, how about ya'll? I will never understand how they know it's coming and we're still unprepared!


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