Copy Cats

I have shared before that cats are my favorite animal. They are just so cute and adorable. Cats are just so cute from the tips of the ears to the tips of their toes. They have cute little noses and cute little tongues.
My little cat is an absolute sweetheart. His name is Mr. Heffalump Cat or just Mr. Cat or Lump for short. He greets me when I come home from work in the evenings by running over and jumping on my lap as soon as I sit down. He likes to follow me around the house and if I go into a room and shut the door he sits outside the door and waits on me to come back out. When no one else is at home he keeps me company by sitting beside me on the couch. Earlier this year he had to have one of his fang teeth removed because it had become infected, so now he sticks his tongue out a lot, which is just so adorable.

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  1. Aww, super cute pictures! And I love the nickname Lump! Too funny.


  2. such a great pictures
    should we follow each other? let me know and I'll follow you back inmediatelly
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  3. Aw, I am a huge cat lover, too, and these pictures are so adorable! My two kitties bring me so much joy.

  4. He's too cute!


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