Stylish for Less: Black Fashion

I hope every one had a great start to the new year yesterday. If you are like me after you are planning to save money this year. You want to do better financially this year. We all still want to have fun and be able to go shopping with our friends and we can, we just need to make better choices. This #stylishforless post is about black fashion. With it being winter, I thought the color black was appropriate to choose. Not only is black chic and timeless, but it looks great on everyone. Black is a beautiful color to wear in winter. Below I have chosen some of my favorite black items that are under $50. Which one is your favorite? This is my favorite.

Stylish for Less: Black Fashion

Stylish for Less: Black Fashion2

Black Tube Dress - Military Jacket - Kate Spade Studs - Bowler Bag - Black Zip Mini - Black and Gold Watch - Fingerless Moto Gloves - Ankle Boots - Gold Zip Skinnys

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  1. Simple and nice. Have a great day.


  2. Great items. I love shopping the clearance rack. Just today I find an awesome black statement necklace for 2.99 Euro(4.09 Dollars)

  3. look carinissimo ;) Reb, xoxo.

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  4. That pencil skirt with the zippers is a steal!


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