The Sunday Edition

This week was definitely not as planned. I was supposed to go back to work (maybe you remember I teach high school math) this week, but due to the weather we have been out all week. Next week I will really have to hit the ground running to get caught up at work and to get everyone refocused on what we need to be doing. The extended Christmas break was a great way to start the new year. I was able to hang out with friends more. I got caught up on some more things that I needed to do at home. I have had a couple of lazy days when the weather prevented me from leaving home. So I have had plenty of time to read some amazing blog posts this week! Hopefully you have some free time today to check out some great posts below.

If only I had seen THIS recipe for Lemon Berry Cheesecake by Victoria over at Lost in Boston earlier I could have made a delicious looking dessert in my extra time off.

Kelly at Sparkles and Shoes had an amazing post on the best instagram accounts. I really want to check them all out.

Dina had some of the cutest sweaters in a post on her blog Sweetest Somethings this week.

The most beautiful style goals for 2014 can be found HERE at Ava Grace's Closet.

Amy shares the same dream about her future home as I do! We both want a wall of book shelves (really I want a whole room with built in book shelves) and I love her post about styling a bookcase found HERE on her blog Coffee Beans and Bobby Pins!

Did you set many goals for this upcoming year? Check out Plami's 50 Things That She Wants to Do List!

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  1. off to check out all of these links!!

  2. Thank you girls so much for the love!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  3. it's so hard to catch up. good luck to you. those donuts look amazing.

  4. thanks for the mention, lady! the cheesecake is delish. lmk if you make it! happy monday :)

    victoria @ lost in boston


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