8 Tips For When You Are Sick

8 Tips For When You Are Sick
I honestly thought I was going to survive this winter without getting sick. I have been doing everything right. I have been eating better (getting in my fair share of fruits and veggies), getting more sleep most nights, and taking vitamins religiously. Everything was going great until about two weeks ago. It started with an irritating scratchy throat and then a couple days later it turned into full on sore throat, headache, sinus pressure, chest congestion, and perhaps worst of all a congested nose. It took me over a week and a half to feel back to 90%.

Here are a few of my tips for surviving sick time:

1. If at all possible take a day or two (or even three) off. There is nothing worse than having to struggle through a busy day and try your best to be productive when you are feeling miserable. Plus, it does no one else any good if you are out there spreading germs. So call in sick.

2. Stay hydrated. It is always important to stay hydrated but never more so than when you are sick. Fluids prevent dehydration and thin mucus, which helps unclog stuffy noses. Keep water and decaffeinated tea always within reach while you are recovering.

3. Grab a nap. Allow your body to get as much sleep as it wants. Sleeping helps give your immune system a boost because while your body is resting your immune system releases cytokines, which are proteins that right infection and inflammation.

4. Take a long, hot, steamy shower. Showering helps get rid of that icky feeling that accompanies being sick. Plus, the hot steam (even if only for a short term) does wonders for a stuffy nose.

5. Chose a place and set up camp. Pick either your bed or a comfy sofa. Pull out extra blankets and pillows so you can stay comfy and warm and place everything you need near by to minimize the number of times you have to leave your spot.

6. Watch favorite movies. Now is the perfect time to catch up on everything in your DVR, watch your all time favorite movies, or start a season of a brand new show on Netflix. Keeping yourself entertained will help the time pass faster. Some may choose to read instead but when I am sick I really don't want to put for the effort to concentrate on a good book.

7. Keep supplies on hand. I recommend at the first signs that you are starting to come down with a nasty bug to immediately hit the drug store. When you start to feel really crummy you are not going to want to spend time walking up and down aisles trying to find the right medicine or standing in line. I also think it is a great idea to keep things on hand like tea, cough drops, a few extra boxes of tissues, and a humidifier.

8. Unplug. Your body needs rest. Studies have shown that using electronics leads to poor sleep. To help yourself relax turn off your phone and put your laptop away.

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  1. Lovely post!


  2. Super ideas...I've been unwell myself...it seems to like me. But, it's only a cough thankfully & it looks like it's going. But, I am so ready for spring and warm sunshine!! I hope you continue to get better xx

  3. Great tips! Showering, napping, and drinking lots of fluids are definitely my go-tos when I'm sick.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  4. great tips. I always have medication on hand

  5. Thanks for the tips!

  6. These are excellent tips and I will be sharing them with a few of my flu-prne friends, I luckily have a high immunity and usually get a cold every few years.

  7. Excellent tips. My mom is sick at the moment. So I've been taking care of her. Great advice.

  8. It's tough to take time off and I know it's needed. Sometimes I think I don't allow myself to fully recover because I start working again too soon.

  9. I'm so happy I haven't gotten sick yet!


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