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My desk is always messy. It's cluttered with papers and objects. Some of them are things that are important to me so I keep them close by, others are essential for work like my planner, and some are things that I need to work on and get completed. Whether it is my desk at home or my desk at school it is always a little messy. When I think about my desks, I can't help but think about the Albert Einstein quote, "If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?" It makes me feel a little bit better about the clutter. At home my desk is a home to my laptop, pens, notebooks, books that I am reading, books that I want to read, books that I need for my classes, stationery, a few decorations (a cute little glass octopus from my trip to Florida and my Momiji message doll), and a few random items (a few bottles of nail polish, iPod, and a Perry the Platypus pez dispenser). At work my desk always has stacks of papers that need to be handed back to the kids, papers that I need to grade, my clipboard with my rosters and other papers that I need on a daily basis, my planner, my math books, pens, any handouts that I need, and a bottle of Coca Cola. One thing that both desks have in common are little reminder post-it notes.
I tend to procrastinate and as deadlines draw near, I have reminder notes every where. Little reminders will be on my desk at school, on my desk at home, stuck to my laptop (where I definitely can't miss them), and if the deadline is extremely close there will be a reminder note stuck in my pocket. Yes, I know that procrastination causes me to stress out when the deadline is within hours of approaching and I am still at work. Sometimes it is just so hard to get a task completed. I don't always procrastinate, but when I do it is usually because I am stuck and at a loss of what to do. That or I just find the task so boring and monotonous that I just cannot find the motivation to work on it and finish it.
Procrastinating is one thing that I really want to work on in the upcoming weeks and months. I am so close to being finished with my masters degree. I just need to finish the class I am currently in and then take one more this summer. So, I want to be able to celebrate that I am getting closer not stressing out because deadlines are approaching and I haven't even started working.
Are you a procrastinator or do you finish tasks with plenty of time to spare?

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  1. I'm a boss of procrastinators XD!! Now my desk seems Pompei's ruins, I have just a little spase for the mouse!!!

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  2. I procrastinate like no other, I really have to stop, but then I just do it again, haha. My desk is a mess, things keep falling off, I'll get around to clearing it soon :) Have a lovely week dolls xx

  3. i am a total procrastinator!! and i seem to be getting worse! my dresser has become a mess of papers and receipts of things that need to be filed or dealt with!

  4. i think i'm more of a procrastinator. lol i'm like you with the post it notes. they're scattered everywhere. i usually know what needs to be done. like a puzzle all the pieces are there, but i wait to put them all together (last minute). then i pretty much beat myself up mentally for waiting so long to do it.

  5. Ha, I just cleaned off my desk..and put everything on my table!


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