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Chit Chat Friendship

I happen to think that I have the most amazing best friends in the world. Sure we all have friends that we will invite to go to the movies with us or on a shopping trip. We all have work friends or people we are friends with because they are in a class with us. I'm not talking friends here, I'm talking about best friends. I have a group of three best friends. These ladies are amazing and I am very thankful for them. I have been best friends with them for varying lengths of times but I consider them to be my closest and best friends. I think you just know within minutes if you are going to be best friends or not. In the first few minutes you just hit it off and realize this is someone I want to be friends with for the rest of my life. I knew within minutes of talking to these girls that I was going to be able to count them as a best friend.
To me best friends are loyal. My best friends always have my back. If someone has said something bad about me they stick up for me even if I'm not around. If someone tries to attack my reputation as being a good person I know my best friends will and have stood up for me. Even if they have no other reason to dislike someone they will dislike someone who badmouths one of their best friends.
I know I can always count on these girls to share their honest opinions and advice. If they think I look hideous in a top, I know they will tell me. If I have a decision to make they will help me weight the pros and cons. If I'm not sure how to handle a situation they will share their honest advice with me. Not only are my best friends open and honest with me but I can be honest with them and no one takes offense. We understand that we are just looking out for one another. Best friends share and keep secrets. I can tell my best friends anything and they will keep it secret. They will not judge me but they will be there for me no matter what. We can talk and share our feelings with each other.
A wonderful thing about my best friends is we can be serious and we can be silly. We can be silly and childish and have fun without feeling like we are being judged. Sure other people might think we are acting silly but it doesn't matter because we are not alone. We have fun going off on tangents and "what if..." scenarios. We can have a great evening watching cartoons. We can go out to the movies and watch movies that are geared for kids and still have had a great evening.
Another thing that I know about my best friends is that we will be best friends for the rest of our lives. We can go months without seeing each other and still get together and be just like we use to be. When one of my best friends and I went to different colleges and now that one of my best friends and I live several hours away from each other and only see each other face to face every couple of months, I have only realized that best friends don't have to see each other all the time or every day. Best friends can be separated by space, but in your mind and your heart you are never separated.

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  1. So lovely...I hope you have a great week xxx

  2. I totally appreciate the ones that last the span of time and distance! I move and have moved a lot. I'm so happy to have kept up with my favorites!

  3. Both of my BFFs moved hours and hours away, and so I've been lonely. I regularly drop them "thinking of you" cards in the mail when I do feel sad to brighten my day. I miss having them around but I'd never change them for anything in the world.

  4. Friendships like that should be cherished. You're so lucky and blessed!


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