Chit Chat: Patience is a Virtue

Chit Chat Patience

Patience is a very important quality to possess. People who are patient are able to endure delays and troubles without acting out negatively. If you are in the checkout line at a store and a new cashier and is being very slow and making mistakes a patient person is able to keep their cool and remain calm. They do not huff and puff about the girl who has just started this job and doesn't quite know what she is doing yet. A patient person realizes that everyone needs some time to learn the ropes and remains positive in the situation.

Most of the time I think I am very patient person. When anyone including my family members aggravate me, I can usually let it slide. For example, when my brother insists on calling me by my middle name (even though he knows I do not like it), I don't get upset. Usually, I just roll my eyes and carry on. As a teacher, I think I am very patient and understanding of my students. If they need more assistance or need me to slow down, I don't mind. I want them to learn and if I need to slow down and do another example there is no harm done. When I have given the instructions to an assignment and immediately after finishing a kid says, "What are we supposed to do?" I calmly go over the instructions again.

Some days it can be very, very, extremely difficult to keep my patience with my students. On days when no one seems to be paying attention, everyone is confused, and the students are just like, "This is so stupid." On days when the directions are so simple but because it is a long problem, the students don't even want to try, it can be hard to be patient. On test day when I hand out the test and someone says, "What is this? You didn't teach us this." It can be hard to be patient. But I keep calm, remain patient, and respond in a polite and correct way. Usually, I just take a deep breath and get back to work. Then later when the kids say things like "I couldn't be a teacher, because I couldn't do what you do" I know they understand and appreciate what I do for them. And when they say things like "I learn in your class because you don't yell at us" I know it's worth it.

Most of the time being patient is easy. I can be patient because I know we all occasionally have bad days, including my students. My students are good kids. Most of them work really hard for me and being patient is an important quality for me to have to be a good role model for them.

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  1. I have patience, it can run thin but being a parent, you have to have a lot of it. Kids can really push your buttons and make you want to scream, haha. Hence yesterday taking my girls to the aquarium, my youngest screamed all the way through it, we really had to be patient with her. Happy Monday dolls xx

  2. I have patience and I get thanked a lot for having it.

  3. I really enjoyed this. I'm pretty impatient but I work at being better!

  4. Great post! Patience is something I work on, and I've gotten a lot better about it in recent years.

  5. Patience is so important, but it is something I struggle with. I am that horrible, impatient person who rarely takes a second to just appreciate the small things. I am the worst when it comes to running errands or grocery store shopping. I need to remember that an extra 10 minutes is not going to make or break my day and if I took the time to take in my surroundings, maybe it would all be more enjoyable :)

  6. Patience is a virtue, I didn't know you were a teacher, and patience is super important with kids.

  7. Lovely post. In general I am patient altho' I have been known to combust without warning ;-)

  8. I need to learn a little patience as well!


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