Chit Chat: Starting Fresh This Spring

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Chit Chat: Starting Fresh This Spring
I cannot believe we already experienced the first weekend of spring. I know it is cliché but this year is passing by so fast. It seems like it was only a few days ago that I was celebrating Christmas with my family. These last three months have been almost a blur. Since going back to work right after the new year I have been going almost nonstop and at this point I am pretty exhausted. It is beginning to take its toll on me mentally, physically, and emotionally.

This winter has been a little harsh. I feel like I am working harder than ever but failing to make any progress. There is nothing more frustrating that feeling stuck, unsure of what steps to take, and basically accomplishing nothing. I have written about recognizing the need to unwind, trying to find balance, and how we need to be kinder to ourselves. While I start off really strong and try hard to stick to these goals eventually (and some of them do stick) I eventually become bogged down and totally absorbed in everything that is going on. That in addition to life not improving like I had hoped and my efforts slowly begin easing up.

Spring is about new beginnings. With the extra sunshine, the warmer weather, and the fresh air I hope to find renewed motivation to make positive changes. While there are some aspects of my life that I remain directionless on and still need some time to figure out like my career path, I can choose to try to make each day a happier experience and to focus on my well being. I can work on clearing out the junk and starting over with fresh ideas.

Instead of getting overwhelmed by the big obstacles I am going focus on small steps: getting in bed earlier a couple nights a week, exercising more often, practicing gratitude, actively paying it forward, meditating a few minutes each day, organizing my closet, and being kind to myself.

Do you have any plans to renew yourself this spring?

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  1. I am so happy spring is here, I had, had enough of winter and the rain. We still get rainy days now, but there is more sunshine inbetween and you know flowers need rain, so it's not as annoying. Spring is my favourite. I hope you have a sunny week dolls xx

  2. I am in the same winter funk. I feel like I'm working hard but not hard enough and somehow am perpetually behind on goals (even small ones) I'm setting for myself. I have a big deadline for some things in a couple weeks, and so I've set that date as my date for renewal and goal-setting time. More than anything though, I want to spend more time outside!

  3. I plan on losing some weight this spring.

  4. One step at a time and you will feel better!


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