Friday Favorites

pompom beanie
Friday Favorites
After last weekend's spring like temperatures winter has definitely made its presence known again and it once again has me bundling up but I am beginning to think about stocking up on some tees like this dotted tee for when spring does finally arrive. This red satchel is amazing. I love the punch the dramatic shade packs. I have wanted this book since I first spotted it. It will make the perfect gift to give every woman you know (especially if she is a bookworm like most of the best women are).

Favorite Fashion

Amethyst Necklace / Well-Read Women / Pompom Garland / Dotted Linen Tee / Loren Hope ABBA Earrings / The A Satchel / d'Orsay Flats

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  1. Super lovely items...it's back to rain here for me...am a bit fed up now. I'll be glad when Spring comes for good. As I can't really take any more cold any more. It'll be soon. Have a lovely weekend xx

  2. That t-shirt is super cute. Have a great weekend

  3. Ooooh love that Sam Edelman flats. That's just what I need for when the weather warms up. I love that its black and simple so it will go with everything. But at the same time the design is interesting enough that it doesn't look too basic and boring.

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  4. Id love that bag and shoes, very much my style. Have an awesome weekend babe!

  5. i love this style of flats...have you ever tried a pair? always wonder if they stay on or if your heel slips out. so cute, though!

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  6. Love the flats and bag! I actually just bought some flats similar from UO.

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  8. What a gorgeous pair of flats! i can't go past pretty shoes, even if i'm not buying .. I need to try them on!

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  9. That's one gorgeous bag....very much right up my alley!!!


  10. That red bag is so sharp!


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