Chit Chat: Sunday Blues

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Chit Chat: Sunday Blues
I have a horrible habit of suffering from the Sunday Blues. Sunday usually starts off amazing. I typically sleep in, treat myself to a breakfast of pancakes, and then spend the remainder of my morning and afternoon around my house do simple things that I enjoy but don't have time any other time during the week. It is comforting, peaceful, and relaxing. Then sometime after 4 o'clock my entire mood changes.

It starts with the realization that my weekend is coming to an end. No matter how much fun my weekend was Sunday evenings are filled with a vague uneasiness and sense of dread. There is anxiousness for the upcoming week, a rehearsing of the week before me, and a worry for the big projects I have to handle in the next few days.

Sundays should be a day of relaxation but instead myself (and I believe many others) spend it feeling unsettled and tense. I am unable to enjoy the remaining hours of my weekend because of the umbrella that seems to be hanging over the rest of the day. The last few weekends this has been particularly bad. Yesterday I was sitting on my sofa wasting time that could have been spent enjoying the sunshine, a good book, or a favorite tv show by instead being sad and stressed when I finally decided that I had to work on changing this feeling.

I immediately got up and called a friend that I seldom get to see and scheduled a dinner on Thursday night. Having something fun on my calendar for mid-week was an instant pick-me-up. While I still am not looking forward to going into the office this morning the feeling of dread is somewhat eased by the fact that I have something to look forward to this week.

Do you get the Sunday Blues? How do you deal with them?

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  1. I can understand that...the weekends go by far too fast really. And the week is too slow and long. I hope you get to feeling better doll & get a break. I hope your Easter was nice xx

  2. Hmmm, I would say I get the Sunday blues to some extent. When I wake up on Sundays, I'm partly disappointed because I know the next day is Monday and I have to go back to work and partly glad that it's not Monday yet. I try to have very chill Sundays with a lot of me time, so I can catch up on things I need to do and ease into the week. Doing something little that makes me happy helps me beat the blues. For me that's my Sunday manicure ritual. I almost always feel better with a fresh coat of polish on my nails!

  3. Sunday is the end of my work week, and then I have three blissful days off. I get the wednesday blues for the same reason you get the sunday blues!

  4. ugh i soooo feel the same way! towards the end of Sunday, I start getting dread too and start whining about how I don't want to go to work. I'm trying to be more positive though. planning something fun mid-week is a good idea!


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