The Sunday Edition

distressed jeans, leather tote, and fresh flowers
The Sunday Edition
Did you miss our Easy DIY Glitter Jewelry Dish post?

Cannot wait to read this book. What about you?

A cool clear oversized clutch.

A comfy and chic closet staple.

A sweet little dress for spring.

A wish list item.

This week Elle shared how to look better in pictures.

Jessica has amazing style.

A zebra print coat and a purple skirt is a beautiful combination.

4 ingredient peanut butter granola! Count me in.

12 Tips On Night Photography.

30 Fitness Commandments To Live By.

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  1. love those night photo tips...i always have a hard time at night.

  2. When I see clear bags I have bad flash backs to when I worked at the mall and we couldn't purses unless they were clear!

  3. Wonderful round up post!

  4. Great little list! And now I'm feeling like I need that colorblock tee!!
    Carylee | morepiecesofme.com

  5. Yum that granola recipe looks good! And the holographic nasty gal pouch is too cute


  6. I always love checking out your links! Hope you both had a good weekend!


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