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Chit Chat: Vacation Plans The last few months have been very hectic for me. I just keep telling myself that I just have to make it through May and then I am off on a beach vacation for a week. Sure these next few weeks are going to be amazingly crazy busy, but when it's all over with I can lounge on the beach and listen to the relaxing sound of the waves. I can make it a few more weeks, right?

With the end of the school year approaching, work has been really busy. I have been working with students after school and during my planning time to help them meet their goals and improve their grades. I have had a lot of meetings after school to get ready for testing and any last minute thing that needs to be done. Plus this year I have been a senior sponsor. So the last couple of months have been hectic with them to get everything ready for prom and for their senior trip. Prom is now over with and everything went great. The other senior sponsors and I have received numerous compliments from the students because they absolutely loved it. It really makes all of the time and hard work we put into it worth it when the seniors had a blast and couldn't stop talking about it afterwards. The seniors leave on senior trip this week, I'm not going with them, but I think they will have a great time. Other than work, I have been really busy with my own college class. It ended last week and we had several assignments and presentations to give before it was all done with. Now that it is over with I am already getting ready for my next class (and last class for getting my Masters), which will start right after I get back from vacation.

At first I wasn't sure if my schedule would allow for me to have a vacation this summer, but I am so glad that things have worked out the way they have. My school ends the last of May and my college class starts the second week of June, so I have 10 days in between that have allowed me to go with Tracy and our brother to Florida. We went last year and absolutely loved it. I am very much looking forward to the beach, the waves, the sand, and the dolphins again. What are your vacation plans this summer?

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  1. I hope you get that vacation doll, I could use one myself!! xx

  2. I hope you have an absolutely wonderful vacation!

  3. Hope you get your vacations on the beach. I don't have plans because I have to work this summer -.-
    No end in sight, lol!

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  4. Oh you deserve it! Enjoy it! I've been to Miami, Orlando, Gainesville, Pensacola and Tallahassee. Love all parts of Florida. I'm heading to Tennessee in a few weeks.

  5. glad you were able to get everything worked out so you can go on a vacation


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