Friday Favorites

Collected Works of Jane Austen a beautiful book - Cat Eye Black and Gold Sunglasses - Deborah Lippmann Glamorous Life perfect for Summer - Mixed Sequin Tee - Metallic Pointy Toe Heels - Green Sprinkle Dress love the vibrant green

Friday Favorites This week, my favorite items, have mostly been shiny gold items. I am loving metallic, glittery, sequin gold colors for Summer. I want the stand out color on everything from sunglasses to tops to shoes and more! I even want it on my nails. Another must have item for Summer is a cute fit and flare dress. I love the vibrant green color that this one is.
Today is the last of school here! YAY! I get a week off for my beach vacation and then back to work for me. After we come back I have to go to my college class for my Masters every day during June. The great part is after this though, I will have my Masters degree! So maybe I deserve a new item? Like something from my collage above? What do you think?


  1. I need the dress, shoes and the book, those are gorgeous!! Yay for summer holiday, I hope you enjoy it doll xx

  2. oooh that's awesome you're almost done with your masters! i love that jane austen book - so pretty. i've been loving fancier books lately and want to expand my pretty book collection. have a great weekend and enjoy the beach!

  3. You definitely deserve a treat - well done! I love the Jane Austen book cover.


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