Easy Summer Dresses

Green Polka Dot Dress polka dots! - Poppy Pleated Dress
Pink Rose Print Dress beautiful print - Blue Belted Dress

Easy Summer Dresses When those long, hot Summer days get here, we will all be looking for ways to stay cool. Sure Summer is here and we have had a few hot days so far. When the temperatures reach the nineties and even a hundred for days on end, we will be wearing our looks that will keep us the coolest. Dresses are so easy and perfect for summer. They are light, airy, and beautiful. Dresses will help you stay cool but wear them with some cute sandals and a few accessories and you are going to look very put-together.
Above are four of my favorite dresses for this Summer. Usually I love simple dresses, but floral prints are a must for Summer. My absolute favorite dress is this pleated dress. The pleated details are so simple yet chic. This dress could easily be worn to a casual get-together or dressed up with the right shoes and accessories. What are your thoughts?


  1. All of these are perfect, so gorgeous xx

  2. love the green one...very pretty woman, but updated and fresh in green!

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  3. I love that pleated number as well - it looks so elegant!

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  4. love the pink one with the flower on it.

  5. The light blue one is perfect for summer! Great roundup!!

  6. Yes to the pink floral dress. I love the front zipper detail. :-)


  7. #1 and 4 are so cute!

  8. I quite like the navy dress, it looks vintage style :)


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