Happy Weekend!

beautiful beach

Happy Weekend! Being back at work and school this week was hard, after relaxing at the beach last week. Other than work we have been trying to catch up on things here at home and we have just started watching The Walking Dead. We had never watched the show before and decided to watch it earlier this week. We have watched a couple of episodes every evening because we love it! Have you seen this show? What are your thoughts?
This weekend we are going to fix a big dinner for our dad for Father's Day. I also plan to relax some at home with my cat and a good book and to go out with a few friends. What are your plans?

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  1. Have a great weekend dolls, I hope the weekend is bliss. xx

  2. i LOVE the walking dead!!! we spent the past week at the beach, too...i agree it's hard to come back to work! have a great father's day!


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