The Sunday Edition

The Sunday Edition While I absolutely adore these floral Manolo Blahnik's, they are a little (a LOT) out of my price range, I think I will be happy with these floral heels instead.

Ali shares her thoughts on blogging etiquette with commenting. What are your thoughts?

How do you feel about a navy velvet sofa? These pictures look stunning.

Denisa shares some pictures of her hometown including The Bratislava Castle. It's gorgeous! Don't you agree?

Do you know anyone getting married soon? I am in love with these wedding couture hairstyles that Sam shared. I really love the hair accessories used.

I am definitely going to be making Raquel's Maple Bacon Potato Salad with Dill. It looks delicious.

Check out these Celebrity Pets on Instagram!

10 Bags Every Woman Should Own

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  1. These are super links, loved the blogging etiquette, I agree with them completely!! Happy Sunday dolls xx

  2. Lovely heels!


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