Chit Chat: Clutter Free Living

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Chit Chat: Clutter Free Living
A couple weeks ago I posted my Summer To-Do List. One item on that list was to finally spring clean and over that last two weeks I have been devoting a little time most days to doing exactly that. The progress has made home feel surprisingly refreshing, especially my bedroom where I have managed to do the most decluttering.

Over the last two weeks I have packed up so many boxes of clothes, shoes, handbags, and books that I have since given away or donated. I am amazed at how much I accumulate. There is no denying that I am a collector beautiful trinkets and baubles, that I enjoy surrounding myself with pretty items, and that I may care just a little too much about fashion but I had arrived at a point where I had to realize that surrounding myself with so many items not only added too much clutter to my life it also added stress.

We live in a world where continuously buying more and more is not only the norm but mass consumption is celebrated. I had accumulated so much stuff that I was drowning. My closet door would barely shut, there was not a single drawer that had any empty space, handbags were scattered everywhere, and I was basically tripping over shoes each time I entered my room because I had long ago ran out of shoe storage. My solution was to ruthlessly purge. I spent hours going through my closet, under my bed, every drawer, every basket, every tray, and even my jewelry box. If something didn't have a large amount of sentimental value or I hadn't used it recently it got boxed up to be given away.

And what did I learn? Reducing clutter is so freeing. My bedroom feels so much more calm and serene. I actually think I sleep better. Spending time in my bedroom is much more enjoyable since I am not surrounded by so much stuff. My clothes and accessories are neatly put away and organized in places where I can actually find them quickly and I still have plenty of pretty baubles and sparkly things to make me happy plus now I can enjoy them more because they are not hidden by items I never really loved.

Getting rid of excess items took effort but it has definitely simplified my life and made my home more peaceful. Next up I plan to tackle my other favorite room, the kitchen.

Am I the only person who didn't actually manage to have the time to spring clean in the spring?

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  1. It's true, we live in excess, it's great to clear things out and get rid of stuff. I've been doing that as well and I love the new space I have from it. Happy Monday dolls xx

  2. I semi spring clean this year. I still have a ways to go.

  3. I so understand you, I'm constantly trying to dig my closet to take things out, it's so easy to get a ton of stuff you don't necessarily need. Even if I just get rid of one item it makes a huge difference.


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