Chit Chat: Loyalty

Chit Chat: Loyalty I happen to have an amazing group of friends. In fact, they have to be the best friends that a girl could possibly have. One thing that makes them such great friends is that they are very loyal. They really know what it means to stand by a friend and to offer support. Even when you are not around they stand up for you when it is needed. They support you and your decisions because they are your friend and they are loyal. Now, just because they support you doesn't mean they won't give you their honest opinion. If they think you are making a mistake they are going to point this out, but because they are loyal they are going to be right there with you.
I know these girls, my best friends, have my back no matter what. They know me. They know who I am and what kind of person I am because we are such close friends. When someone tried to spread lies about me, they stood up for me and told everyone the truth. Some people are so quick to be friendly to your face but the moment you are out of the room they become your worst enemy. My best friends are quick to step up and say that they do not agree with this person. Loyalty is about being my friend all the time not just when I am around. These girls have definitely displayed this on multiple times.
Being loyal to each other means we stick with one another through thick and thin, through the good times and the bad. Sometimes they are the ones offering me support and standing beside me when I am having a rough time and sometimes I am the one standing with them when they are having a tough time. Being loyal goes both ways. Being loyal friends means we offer support and time when one of us needs it. When a friend if having boy troubles we have the time to listen to them and offer our advice. When a friend is having problems with a family member or with school we are their to offer our help. To me loyalty is one of the most important characteristics that a friend can have, maybe the most important. What do you think?

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