The Sunday Edition

pink and red flowers
The Sunday Edition The Sunday Edition In case you missed it: Jessica's beach bag essentials.

Also, make sure you check out our easy DIY floral napkin rings.

These have became a staple for me. And they are on sale!

Definitely a big splurge but this is unbelievably adorable.

I love the embellishments and it would be a great piece for fall.

Polka dots. Need I say more?

Diana styled one dress three ways.

Salted Caramel Crunch! Yes, please.

I love Jessica's short suit.

I very much need one of these pretty coffee mugs in Brittney's roundup for my morning coffee.

Vogue article on Blake Lively. Have you heard about her new lifestyle website?

19 Things Remarkable People Think Everyday.

A fascinating cover of Lorde's Royals.

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  1. I really want a shorts suit. I think they are so chic!

  2. Pretty flowers and great weekly recap! Hope you had a lovely weekend, pretty lady :)

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