Happy Weekend!

Happy Weekend! This week I have had math training for two days to help with the new math program my school will be utilizing this year. I really enjoyed the training. The other math teachers in my district are great people to hang out with. They make things at school more fun. The training was very informational and very helpful, not like a lot of trainings that I have to attend. Next week school starts for me for real though and I am definitely not ready for it. I mean, I have just now learned about the new program we will be using. Also, I feel as though I haven't really had much of a break from work. All June was spent in classes and helping with a reading program. Then in July I have already had a week and half of training, so school is just starting too soon for me.
This weekend I plan to fit in a few of the things that I won't have much time for when school first starts. I really want to hang out with my best friends for an evening without having to worry about work in the back of my mind. I want to find a little time to read books that are for fun, not for work. I also want to get in a few more new recipes. Sounds like I am in for a busy weekend of doing the things that I love. What are your plans?

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  1. Oh dear, sounds like lots of work. It's the same here :-/ I have so much to do and looooots of stuff in my mind.

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  2. seriously, right? where does the time go?! i feel like summer just started, then my son went back to school today. he was not thrilled, lol! hope you do find a bit of time for yourself.

  3. Work, work, work for me as usual. I am just not ready for my kiddos to start back at school! I want the long, lazy mornings snuggling with them to last forever. :(

  4. Have a great weekend. Not sure what I'm going to do this weekend

  5. my weekend went so quickly, I can't believe it will be monday tomorrow :( I caught up with an old friend from primary school, I haven't seen her for a year so we had a lot to talk about!



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