Happy Weekend!

Happy Weekend! I am so happy to see Friday come. This has been the busiest first week of school ever. From having to stay after school for meetings two nights and trying to get things down with this new math program, I am exhausted. The early morning wake-ups aren't helping me out any. If I did not have to get up early for work, I would be a night owl. Here it is just so peaceful at night and I have plenty of time to get everything done that I want to do without anyone annoying me or trying to get me to do other things. So, I am trying to get myself accustomed to early mornings again. Are you a night owl or a morning person? I am definitely happy to see the weekend coming and am so ready to relax. Hopefully you will be able to relax this weekend too.



  1. Oh no Jessica - early mornings after a long summer are the worst. I am definitely a night owl and sometimes way to late, but now I just never get tired until 2 or 3 am. Good luck with the adjusting going back to school and at least it's Friday so you can be a night owl on the weekends. :)


  2. Oh that bed picnic looks like a dream. I'm now the walking dead! HA! I'm just up all the time now. Before baby I liked getting to bed before 11. Eleven at night to 1:00 a.m. is the time of the gallbladder cycle in Chinese medicine. The gallbladder is related to decision making so I wanted to make sure that got some rest!! :)

  3. Thanks for your comment…Have a fabulous weekend!

  4. Happy weekend! My boyfriend's mum is a school teacher as well, she's been trying to get up to date with all the latest tech software and it's been doing her head in. Mornings are difficult for me, especially now that it's winter. I'm looking forward to summer here in Australia, but hopefully it's not stinking hot

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