The Sunday Edition

The Sunday Edition
Summer is winding down so plan your staycation soon!

But if you do make it to the beach make sure to protect your skin.

Maybe my favorite shade of pink.

Scallop top for $25.

The most perfect pair of sunglasses.

Well hello there! A stunning leather tote.

Have you read this book or seen the play? It is my book club's first read.

I am obsessed with these party carts.

Some wise words.

I cannot wait to bake these blueberry muffins.

Lydia looks incredible in her stripe dress and I love the tassel detail on her handbag.

Arin has made me fall for backpacks.

Dating Advice From An Arranged Marriage.

Promises To Keep To Yourself.

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  1. love that pretty scalloped top! and i love wicked the musical but have to say that i didn't love the book. most people i've talked to though loved it!

  2. Love this idea for a blog!! So cute & suspenseful! P.S. Thanks for the reminder about Top Shop - I totally forgot about it for a bit!

    xo, B


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