Being a Jetsetter

Being a Jetsetter I love to travel. As a kid our family always went on a family vacation together every Summer. Usually we stuck to the states that border Kentucky. The first time I travelled further than a neighboring state was on my senior trip in high school. We went to Washington DC and to NYC. Since then I have always wanted to see more of the US and more of the world. My siblings and I have been on multiple trips to since then.

Later, this year I am going to be able to do a little more traveling. Tracy and I plan on going to NYC over Thanksgiving week. We are excited to see the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade and to do some shopping for Christmas then. Our family is also going to go to Tennessee sometime near Christmas.

While I am excited about these trips there are still so many places that I want to go to. I have always dreamed about travelling overseas. London has been a destination that I have wanted to travel to for some time now. There is just so much to see and do there. I want to stroll through the parks, visit the museums, and ride The London Eye. Then there is The Royal Court Theatre, Buckingham Palace, and I would love to go star gazing at the Royal Observatory. In planning my future trip to London I already have a growing list of things to do. One thing that I will need to do is find the perfect place to stay. Venere.com is a great website to help me figure that out. I can use that website to search for a place that fits my needs and budget.

Even though I know I won’t make it to London any time soon, I enjoy getting to plan my dream trip to there. I constantly add things to my Must Do While in London list and daydream about being there. Do you have a dream destination that you are planning for?



  1. You must get to London, it's an amazing city. I'd love to get to Barcelona sometime, looks brilliant and also go see some other places in France too. xx

  2. London is a great city but my dream destination is Miami!

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  3. I definitely miss London - I've been a few times (my longest sojourn was a few months) and always had an amazing time. My dream trip is Scotland though - the week I spent in Edinburgh a few years ago was beyond magical and so I'm definitely planning to go back!

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  4. B & I have always wanted to go to Greece!! We've been lucky to have visited London a couple times & you will absolutely love it!!

    xo, K

  5. i want to travel again, soon, too! my dad used to work for the airlines, so we went on great family vacays, although ALL when i was very young. canada, germany, many of the states. there are pictures to prove it, but i only remember germany since i was in elementary. in my adult life i've been to Cali, seattle, and vegas...lived in Colorado for a year. would love to go to spain, paris, back to NYC, singapore, lol! everywhere!


  6. I'm so very jealous! I named my daughter London after London! My dream is to take her to England when she turns 18.


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