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eShakti Dress Review

I recently received a free dress from eShakti for reviewing purposes! I love the dress. It is so soft and comfortable and it is such a beautiful shade of green. In the couple of weeks that I have had the dress I have already worn in multiple times. It is so easy to wear. I add a statement necklace, some cute flats, and a few bangles and I am ready to go. The dress that I received is no longer on their website, but above are some of my current favorite dresses on eShakti. I love the prints and how many options that I have to personalize each dress. If you have never been to their website you definitely need to check it out.
The great thing about eShakti is that there are so many different ways you can alter a dress to get it exactly how you want it. First of all you tell them your height and size and then you know the dress is going to be made to fit you! After that you have so many options to personalize the dress to your style. You can change the sleeves, the length, and the neckline. I love having so much control when it comes to getting the dress made how I like it. I hate when I am in a store and see a dress I love except for one thing about it. Maybe it's the sleeve length I hate and in a store there is nothing you can do about it. On eShakti, you can customize the sleeve length to your preference! Isn't that great?
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  1. eShakti's extensive customization options really sets them part. They sent me a dress last year which I still love.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  2. i love the idea of being able to customize your own dress!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  3. Being able to customise a dress is a great idea as they are so much more difficult than separates when it comes to buying the perfect fit. I'll take a look!

  4. it's great for people who are in between sizes, extra tall or short, etc...

  5. The length customization is a lifesaver for short ladies!!

  6. Yeah, this kinda of dress feels very soft and comfortable belle robe pas cher


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