6 Tips for Creating an Amazing Halloween Tablescape

Candlestick - Faux Crows - Black Pumpkin - White Pumpkin - Wine Glass - White Dinner Plate - Taper Candles - Votive Candles - Black Owl Candleholders - Black Birdcage Lantern - Purple Dinner Napkin - Black Tablecloth - Gold Flatware - Purple Table Runner

Halloween will be here before we know it. I am definitely looking forward to it. I love all of the costumes and candy. Tracy and I always give out candy to all of the kids in their cute costumes. This year I am really looking forward to our Halloween party. We have invited some of our closest friends and family. We have been decorating and planning our costumes. One thing we have to consider is the Halloween table setting.

STEP 1 // Pick a Color Scheme Orange, black, purple, and green are the colors that I most associate with Halloween. Above I chose to keep things black and white with pops of purple, by going with these colors my tablescape is clearly Halloween and not for Thanksgiving. Having mostly neutral items with pops of an accent color are perfect for me. The neutral items will be easy to keep and reuse at other times.

STEP 2 // Vary Heights For a tablescape you want to create a variety of heights. On a Halloween table you can create various heights by choosing different sized pumpkins or candles or by finding candlesticks at staggering heights.

STEP 3 // Simple Dishes You do not need to buy specific plates and dishes for Halloween, stick with the classic white or black. Again this will allow you to use the item year-round.

STEP 4 // Halloween Decor What Halloween items do you want to decorate with? Pumpkins are a classic item. Skeletons, crows, spiders, cauldron, potion bottles, etc. are also good items to decorate a Halloween table.

STEP 5 // Use Nature Keep your budget in mind when creating a tablescape, so using natural elements can really help with that. Growing your own pumpkins and gourds can be great decorations. Fill a vase with twigs you have gathered and add lights to them for a centerpiece.

STEP 6 // Be Creative Cut costs and make the table more personal with creative touches. Use mini pumpkins and gourds as place cards. Hollow out a pumpkin and use it as a vase. Create your own drink for the occasion and fill a cauldron with it.

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  1. i am trying to get all of my friends to have a party. no luck yet!

  2. We don't celebrate Halloween here but the idea is brilliant!
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  3. Great tips!!! Definitely, I'm going to remember them for my halloween Party! :D

  4. I'm sure Halloween will be here before we know it as this year is just flying by! Fabulous tips!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  5. Love these ideas! I will have to make my first halloween table :)


  6. Very nice ideas for Halloween!

  7. That's certainly a scary tablescape and I like the touch of purple which is a great alternative to the more usual orange. Great tips and I like the natural elements too.

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  9. Great ideas and advices! I love Halloween!

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  10. My one friend host a Halloween party every year.

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  11. Love the mood of Halloween! Your tips are great!

  12. This is fabulous and I love that someone has kicked off the Halloween posts! I love any sense of occasion and reason to celebrate, so I'll be saving this post to my favourites for future reference!! :)

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  13. Amazing tablescape! You're so imaginative!

  14. oohhh this is making me excite for halloween!!

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  15. Halloween is my favorite season!! I cannot wait to throw a Halloween party. I love all your decoration tips.

  16. Great inspiration and I want to create a Halloween tablescape this year, just not certain if I have time. I love the first one!

  17. if only australia celebrate halloween as much as the northern hemisphere. the tablescape looks amazing

  18. nice :)

  19. Halloween tablescapes are awesome! I can't believe the holiday's less than a month away.

  20. what a great idea :) i love your decoration

  21. I love these Halloween-y items, and what I like about them too, is that you can use these all year round!

  22. I like the Art de la table in the first photo lol :)


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